Wayne Procter is driven by a desire to provide the best customer experience possible, and make notable, positive change in our communities. Wayne and his team take pride in providing amazing service, impeccable store presentation, competitive pricing and most importantly, friendly knowledgeable staff.

Inside a best buy liquor with a few aisles, and liquor displays.


Where our roots started

For over 30 years Wayne has been a noteworthy leader in the Grocery/Convenience store market and has since diversified his passion, energy and knowledge into: Petroleum, Hospitality, Marinas and more.

The future is local, Vancouver Island Local

Keeping it “Basic, but Exceptional” is Wayne’s philosophy.  Wayne remains as “hands on”, impassioned and motivated today, as he was 30+ years ago when he opened the doors of “Cedar General”. The first seed was planted there and from there something special grew!

Our Amazing Team

Our goal as a group is total customer satisfaction, at the best prices possible. Our philosophy is simple: “Basic, but exceptional”, to do what we do, the best.

Aldo Zadra

General Manager

Vancouver Island

Paige Hellier

District Manager

Central Island General Stores

Cesare Marcellus

District Manager

North island General Stores

Misty Gladish

District Manager

North island General Stores

Everett Procter

District Manager

Cedar, Mid and South Island General Stores

Bre Cross

Manager of store operations and human resources

General Stores

Colin Tremblay


Omni Foods

Michaela Sale

District Manager

South Island General Stores

Allyssa Vornbrock

District Manager

Liquor Division

Aerial view of a general store beside a street

Contact Our Team

If you have any questions about our divisions, drop us a note!